May 2013 Announcements

Meeting Date: Tuesday, May 21, 7:30 p.m.

Meeting Place: Houston Garden Center in Hermann Park

Special Program: We will have a pot-luck supper followed by the Rare Plant Auction, postponed from the April 27 after-show party. Cultural Tips, Member Sale, and Raffle will be omitted to preserve time. Show and Tell will focus on the Auction items, particularly the plants. Auctioneers will be Wray Page, Rick Richtmyer and Chris Nguyen.

Seedling: Neoregelia ampullacea supplied by Jimmy Woolsey.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Pot Luck Supper
  • Greetings/Call to Order
  • Meeting
  • Show and Tell: Auction Plants
  • Adjourn

Deadline for June Bulletin: 5/22/13