July 2023 Program

Come by and pick up your July seedling, Vriesia saundersii! There will also be a raffle.

When: Third Tuesday, July 18th, 2023 at 7:00pm

Where: Metropolitan Multi-Service Center, 1475 West Gray St., Houston, TX 77019

Speakers: Rick and Carole Richtmyer

Program Title: “Great Memories of Brazil”
Rick and Carole will present a slide program on their 2007 trip to Brazil, with updates on seeds collected.

Pictured are our speakers and their fellow travelers taking a welcome break while trekking through eastern Brazil. Included are current member Gene Powers, former members Dick and Phyllis McEuen, Larry Giroux, Stephen Hoppin and Cristy Brenner. The trip was a combined cactus and bromeliad expedition. Rick and Carole will be presenting an updated version of their 2013 program focusing mostly on the bromeliads with a few pictures of cacti included as well.
Rick and Carole have been growing bromeliads since the 1970s but had never been to this part of Brazil. In their program, they will share the experience of seeing bromeliads in their native habitat.
Anyone who might want to visit this area should know that Guillermo Rivera of Plant Expeditions (https://www.plantexpeditions.com) continues to lead expeditions to Brazil and other plant and birding areas.

As per usual:

  • Refreshment duties reserved for last names N-Z!
  • Bring a plant for show & tell
  • Bring a plant to share at the plant raffle
  • Come collect your July Seedling, Vriesia saundersii
  • Just come and hang out and learn share with us your love of Bromeliads!