September 2023 program

When: Third Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 at 7:00pm

Where: Metropolitan Multi-Service Center, 1475 West Gray St., Houston, TX 77019

Speaker: Charlie Birdsong

Program Title: “Charlie Birdsong will be speaking on the genus Goudaea!!”

About our September presenter Charlie Birdsong:

Charles Birdsong has been growing bromeliads since the late 1960’s. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology and a Master of Science degree in Marine Fisheries from Louisiana State University. He is a Charter Member of the Bromeliad Society of Baton Rouge. Since the Society started in 1975 he has served in every office over the years and serves as President today. Charles is a member of the Bromeliad Society International and holds several offices in that Society. He is an Internationally Accredited Master Judge and has judged over 100 shows in the US and Australia. He has made four trips to Australia and worked with new judges there. He grows many bromeliad genera although Billbergia are favorites most of his over five thousand plants in his collection are Neoregelias. He has had many opportunities to speak about his favorite plants at local garden societies and Bromeliad Societies throughout Louisiana, Texas, Florida and even Australia.

Something different:


From Scherie Townes: Please participate as we have not had one for several years and I am excited that we will be able to clear our greenhouses for the upcoming winter. I know we will probably have a humdinger of a winter as we have had a summer. I hope not though.

Allyn will be there as our cashier. If you do not have a seller number contact him to get one and put your number on your tags. Double tag your plants so that Allyn can take one tag to keep records of your sales. Be sure to label your plant. You do not have to clean them as you would for showing but take pride in your stock. This is such a wonderful opportunity to add to your collection for what is usually a bargain price. Take advantage of this opportunity as this will be the only one this year. I hope we will have more member only sales next year. Attend the meeting in person this month to take advantage of our member sale.

As per usual:

  • Refreshment duties reserved for last names N-Z!
  • Bring a plant for show & tell
  • Just come and hang out and learn share with us your love of Bromeliads!