This corporation is organized exclusively for purely public charity and strictly educational purposes. Specific goals of the Society shall be to:

  • Increase knowledge of bromeliads through interchange and dissemination of information.
  • Use such funds as are available for the purpose of research and/ or equipment in institutions of higher.
  • There are two classes of membership:
    1. Individual – $20 per year
    2. Family – $30 per year
  • All memberships begin with January of the current year.
  • Our official Website is bromeliadsocietyhouston.org.
  • Our Bulletin is published electronically monthly. Articles, photographs, and any other information pertinent to bromeliads are solicited. Articles may be reprinted with proper acknowledgement given to author and publication.
  • A membership list is updated on a regular basis and is distributed electronically to members of the BS/H, Inc.
  • Please address any correspondence regarding the Bulletin to: bsh.editor@gmail.com

For general inquiries regarding the Bromeliad Society/Houston, please email: bromeliadsocietyhouston@gmail.com



BS/H Rules of Operations & By-Laws


Officers & Directors

List of active officers, directors and committee chairs