February 2012 Announcements

Meeting Date: Tuesday, February 12, 7:30 p.m.
Meeting Place: Houston Garden Center in Hermann Park
Program Speaker: Lynn Schermerhorn
Program Title: “Bromeliads on the Web and on your computer”

Tools and resources to make collecting and growing even better! After the annual ritual of getting our plants and greenhouses ready for winter, things begin to slow down in the growing world. So what is an enthusiast to do on those long, cold nights? Get some hot chocolate and curl up with the computer for some horticultural adventure. The Internet has an abundance of resources for acquiring, growing, and just learning more about bromeliads. So grab your cup, and join me as we explore the possibilities!

Seedling: Vriecantarea ‘Seeger’, which has burgundy leaves and a yellow bloom
Supplied by Jimmy Woolsey.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Greetings/Call to Order/Member Plant Sale
  • Show and Tell
  • Cultural Tips
  • Meeting
  • Break/Refreshments/Buy raffle tickets/Plants
  • Raffle
  • Adjourn

Deadline for Mar. Bulletin: 2/22/12

February is the deadline for your dues to be in to Allyn in order to be included in the 2012 yearbook. The yearbook will be printed in booklet form as in previous years and distributed at the April meeting.