Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs


President Shirl Stowe
6514 Blue Hills Road
Houston, TX 77069

Vice President Scherie Townes
Secretary David  Whipkey
Treasurer Allyn Pearlman
Past President Cherie Lee

Board of Directors
Term Expires

12/31/22 12/31/23 12/31/24
Madge Donaldson Alicia Baker Gordon Stowe
Michael O’Neal John Schmidt Melenie Yuen

I.     Standing Committees

       1.    Publicity Allyn Pearlman
       2.    Bulletin Editor Linda Whipkey
       3.    Plant Sales Chairman Allyn Pearlman
       4.    Programs Chairman Scherie Townes
       5.    Standing Committees Ex-Officio Members Cherie Lee / Shirl Stowe

II.     Committees of the Board

       1.    Annual Show David  Whipkey
       2.    Bromeliad Culture David  Whipkey
       3.    Courtesy Midge Gorman
       4.    Garden Tours Gordon and Shirl Stowe
       5.    Holiday Party Allyn Pearlman
       6.    Historian David Whipkey
       7.    Hospitality Coordinator Verna Powers
       8.    Members’ and Visitors’ Registrar Ken Gardner, Noreen Tolman
       9.    Membership Allyn Pearlman
      10.    Raffle Plants Frank and Cherie Lee
      11.     Seedlings Allyn Pearlman
      12.    Show & Tell John Schmidt
      13.    Virtural Communications Mike O’Neal
      14.    Webmaster Melenie Yuen


Southwest Bromeliad Guild Don Green, and TBD
Bromeliad Society International Annette Dominguez, Cherie Lee, Margo Racca

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