2023 Officers and Chairmen

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President | Scherie Townes

Vice President | Michael O’Neal

Secretary | David Whipkey

Treasurer | Allyn Pearlman

Past President | Shirl Stowe

Board of Directors

Through 2024

Gordon Stowe

Melenie Yuen

Through 2025

Frank Lee

Linda Whipkey

Through 2026

Don Green

Mary Cinotto

Standing Committees

Publications | Allyn Pearlman

Bulletin Editor | Mary Cinotto

Plant Sales Chairman | Allyn Pearlman

Programs Chairman | Michael O’Neal

Standing Committees ex-officio:

Shirl Stowe, Cherie Lee

Committees of the Board of Representatives

1.    Annual ShowDavid Whipkey
2.    Bromeliad CultureDavid Whipkey
3.    CourtesyMidge Gorman
4.    Garden ToursGordon and Shirl Stowe
5.    Holiday PartyAllyn Pearlman
6.    HistorianDavid Whipkey
7.    Hospitality CoordinatorDebbie Thomas
8.    Members’ and Visitors’ RegistrarNoreen Tolman
9.    MembershipAllyn Pearlman
10.     Raffle PlantsFrank and Cherie Lee
11.     SeedlingsAllyn Pearlman
12.    Show & TellJohn Schmidt & Gordon Stowe
13.    Virtual communications (zoom)Micheal O’Neal

Bromeliad Society International

Annette Dominguez

Cherie Lee

Daniel Wolf