BS/H Policies

Member Consignment Plant Sale Rules


The following rules govern the sale of plants by Members at Bromeliad Society/Houston, Inc., sponsored sales. The purpose of these rules is to assure compliance with the objectives of BS/HI and IRS regulations for non-profit organizations.

When selling plants at a BS/HI plant sale, members who sell will be classified as either: Hobbyist, defined as those who sell only the excess plants form their personal collection, or Commercial, defined as those who purchase plants for resale and derive the majority of their income from the sale of plants. Any exceptions to these rules must be approved by the Plant Sales Chair prior to each sale.

  1. Only bromeliads and bromeliad related items may be sold at BS/HI sales.
  2. Plants sold by a Hobbyist must have been grown by the member for a minimum of (6) six months prior to the sale.
  3. No artificial material may be applied to enhance the appearance of the plant or inflorescence. Offending plants may be removed by the Plant Sale Committee.
  4. The Plant Sale Committee will collect sales tax and remit it to the State Treasurer. The Society will pay all fees assessed by the venue. Sale price will be divided as follows:
    30% retained by BS/HI
    70% paid to Member
  5. There is no limit to the number of plants each Member can bring. An overflow of plants may be placed on the floor beneath the tables. Members who plan to bring 50 or more plants to the sale must notify the Plant Sales Chair two months prior to the sale date and assist the Plant Sales Committee at the sale.
  6. The seller shall have two separate plant labels with each plant. One must clearly give correct name of plant, price and seller’s number. The other tag must contain the seller’s number and the price. One of these tags will be removed at Cashier’s desk for control purposes.
  7. All plants must be properly named. Any plants which are obviously misnamed may be removed from the sale area by the Plant Sale Chair. After correction the plant may be replaced in the sale area.
  8. Each Member shall be personally responsible for submitting his plants and picking up unsold plants immediately after the sale. Unclaimed plants shall be disposed of in compliance with rules of the sale venue. All members selling plants are responsible for cleaning the plant sale area after all plants are removed.
  9. The term “plant” is interpreted to mean one pot, one mounting, one bare root pup or plant, or one plant or clump, or multiple plants to be sold as a unit.
  10. Prices must be in increments of $1.00, i.e., $5.00, $6.00, $7.00, etc. Failure to comply will result in reduction of the price to the next lower increment, i.e., $5.98 will sell for $5.00. Minimum price for a plant on which a Member will receive a commission is $5.00.
  11. No parking lot sales are permitted.
  12. Members are expected to furnish their own meals at all BS/HI Plant Sales. Tea and coffee will be furnished by the Society, cooperative “potluck” planning is suggested.
  13. The Bromeliad Society/Houston, Inc., volunteer Society Members and the place of each sale will not be responsible for lost or stolen plants. Every effort will be taken to protect Members’ plants. Plants might remain outside overnight at Members’ risk.
  14. If any member does not have a “sales number” and would like one, please contact Allyn Pearlman at 713-858-3047.



The BSHI Speaker’s Fee Policy

For members and non-members who are not local (local meaning anyone who resides less than 100 miles from Houston) the BSHI will:

  • pay for round-trip economy airfare to Houston that is booked a minimum 21 days in advance. If the speaker chooses another mode of transportation, reimbursement will be no more than the cost of the previously mentioned air travel.
  • provide lodging and meals for the equivalent of one day. The program chairperson will be responsible for making the arrangements. The host will be reimbursed for any shared restaurant meals.
  • pay a speaker’s fee not to exceed $200 and if appropriate, 80% of their sales.

Local non-members receive their requested speaker fee not to exceed $200 and if appropriate, 80% of their sales.

Local members do not receive a fee but receive 80% of their sales.

Approved November 10, 2016, amended January 19, 2017, November 15, 2018, and January 17, 2019.



BS/HI Seedling Policy

Regular seedlings

  • Seedlings will be distributed at the regular meeting in the months of March, July and November.
  • A seedling will be distributed to every member in good standing and all first-time visitors who are in attendance at the meeting.
  • Purchase, tagging, and transportation of all seedlings will be arranged by the Plant Sales Committee Chair.
  • 45 seedlings or a number determined by the Board of Directors shall be purchased.
  • The cost of each seedling shall be limited to an average yearly cost of $12.00 plus the cost of shipping.
  • Proceeds from the monthly plant raffle will be used to help defray the cost of the seedlings.
  • Information concerning the culture of the seedling along with its photograph shall be published in the Society bulletin in the months that seedlings are distributed
  • Submission of information to the Bulletin Editor for publication will be arranged by the Plant Sales Committee Chair.

Special seedlings

  • A seedling can be purchased for distribution at the December Holiday meeting.
  • Cost and number to be determined by the Holiday Party Chair.
  • Cost will be included in the total cost of a party ticket.
  • Other seedlings will be purchased at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Amended 11/15/2018


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