Ruby Jubilee BS/H 40th Annual Show Results

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2011 Bromeliad Society/Houston show held at Mercer Arboretum on April 30-May 1.
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  • Mulford Foster Best in Show Horticulture, Cynthia Johnson, entering Dyckia goehringii.
  • Morris Henry Hobbs Best in Show Artistic, Allyn Pearlman, with the artistic arrangement, “Winter Again”.
  • Winner of Hobbyist Sweepstakes, David Whipkey.
  • Best of Div. I, Pitcairnioideae, Dyckia ‘Silverback’ F2, entered by Cynthia Johnson.
    • Best in Sec. 1A, Single Plant, Dyckia ‘Keswick’ X ‘Paylen’ X ‘Arizona’ X ‘Brittlestar’, Cynthia Johnson.
    • Best in Sec. 1B, Multiple Plants, Dyckia ‘Warren, Cynthia Johnson.
  • Best of Div. II, Tillandsioideae, Catopsis subulata, Rick Richtmyer.
    • Best in Sec. A, Single Plant, Till. xerographic, David Whipkey.
    • Best in Sec. B, Multiple Plants, Vriesea corcovadensis, Rick Richtmyer.
  • Best of Div. III, Bromelioideae, Ae. bromelifolia, Daryl Page.
    • Best in Sec. 3A, Single Blooming, Orthophytum ‘Stardust’, David Whipkey.
    • Best in Sec. 3B, Single Foliage, Bill. ‘Bruddah Iz’ (arriba X sanderiana X rosea), Wray Page. Sec. 3B runner-up, Ques. marmorata, Cynthia Johnson.
    • Best of Sec. 3C, Multiple Blooming, Ortho. conquistensis, Rick Richtmyer.
    • Best in Section D, Multiple Foliage, Neoglaziovia variegata, Cynthia Johnson. Sec. 3D runner-up, Bill. ‘Domingos Martins’, Daryl Page.
  • Best in Div. IV, Intergeneric Hybrid, Neophytum Canmea ‘Galaxy’, Cynthia Johnson.
  • Best in Div. V, Horticultural Displays, Till. purpurea, Daryl Page.
    • Best in Sec. 5A, Single Blooming, Till. fasciculata, Odean Head.
    • Best in Sec. 5B, Single Foliage, Till. caput-medusa, Don Green.
    • Best in Sec. 5C, Multiple Blooming, Dyckia ‘Arizona’ (Brittlestar F2), Chris Nguyen.
    • Best in Sec. 5D, Multiple Foliage, Till. fuchsii forma gracilis, Wray Page.
  • Best in Div. VII, Artistic Arrangements, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, Allyn Pearlman.
    • Best in Sec. A, “Bromeliads for Breast Cancer Awareness”, Allyn Pearlman.
  • Best in Div. VIII, Decorative Containers, Crypt. argyrophyllus, Allyn Pearlman.
    • Best in Sec. A, Ae. recurvata, Ken Gardner.
  • Best in Div. IX, Art, Phil Speer, Wood Intarsia.
  • Winner of Div. X Section A, Judges, Neo. ‘Brian Weber’, Lindsey Stowe. Section B, Best Novice, Neo. ‘Bingito’, Sid Newton.

Ruby Jubilee, Special Awards Winners:

  • Lou Trahan Artistic Sweepstakes: Allyn Pearlman
  • Tom Montgomery Genera Sweepstakes: David Whipkey
  • Valerie Steckler Hort. Display Sweepstakes: Don Green
  • Novice Sweepstakes: John Schmidt
  • John Anderson Best Aechmea species: Ae. bromelifolia, Daryl Page
  • Most Eye-Catching Neo: Neo. ‘Bravo Allison’, Jimmey Woolsey
  • Members’ Choice: Dyckia ‘Brittlestar’ F2, Chris Nguyen
  • Bob Whitman Best Cryptanthus Species: Crypt. warasii, Rick Richtmyer
  • Warren Loose Best Cryptanthus Hybrid: Crypt. ‘Thelma O’Reilly’, Ray Johnson