June 2017 Announcements

Meeting Date: Tuesday, June 20, 7:30 p.m.

Meeting Place: West Gray Multi-Service Center at 1475 West Gray St., Houston, TX 77019

Program Speaker: Charlie Birdsong

Program: “Bromeliads Down Under”

Meeting Agenda:

  • Greetings/Call to Order/Member Plant Sale
  • Show and Tell
  • Meeting
  • Break/Refreshments/Buy raffle tickets
  • Program
  • Adjourn
  • Raffle

Next Board Meeting: Thurs., July 20, 7:00 p.m.

Deadline for June bulletin: July 5, 2017

Brilliant Bromeliads, BS/H 45th Annual Show Results

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2017 Bromeliad Society/Houston show “Brilliant Bromeliads” held at Mercer Arboretum on May 20-21.

  • Mulford Foster Best in Show Horticulture, Gordon Stowe, x anamea ‘Shooting Star’.
  • Morris Henry Hobbs Best in Show Artistic, Ruby Adams, with Cryptanthus ‘Martini Olive’.
  • Hobbyist Sweepstakes, David Whipkey, Hoh. ‘Kayla’.
  • Genera Sweepstakes, David Whipkey, Neo. ‘Golden Chalice’.
  • Best of Div. I, Pitcairnioideae, Dyckia ‘Dakota’; entered by Chris Nguyen.
    Best in Sec. 1A, Single Plant, Dyckia domfelicianensis, David Whipkey.
    Best in Sec. 1B, Multiple Plants, Deuterocohnia brevifolia , David Whipkey.
  • Best of Div. II, Tillandsioideae, Tillandsia concolor x flabellata, Rick Richtmyer.
    Best in Sec. A, Single Plant, Till. jalisco monticola, John Schmidt.
    Best in Sec. B, Multiple Plants, Vriesea lubbersi, John Schmidt.
  • Best of Div. III, Bromelioideae, Hoh. leopoldo-horstil, Cherie Lee.
    Best in Sec. 3A, Single Blooming, Neo. ‘Kahala Dawn’, John Edmonson.
    Best in Sec. 3B, Single Foliage, Neo. mooreana, Carole Richtmyer.
  • Best in Div. IV, Bromelioideae, Cryptanthus ‘Jennifer’, John Edmonson.
    Best in Sec. 4A, Multiple Blooming, Neo. ‘Angel Face’ x ‘Midget’, David Whipkey.
    Best in Sec. 4B, Multiple Foliage, Neo. pendula x eleutheropetala var bicolor, Carole Richtmyer.
  • Best in Div. V, Intergeneric Hybrid, Neophytum ‘Cosmic Blast’, Carole Richtmyer.
    Best in Sec. 5A, Single Blooming, x Neophytum Neo. ‘Purple Star’ x Ortho navioides, Carole Richtmyer.
  • Best in Div. VI, Horticultural Displays, Til. andreana, Carole Richtmyer.
    Best in Sec. 6A, Single Blooming, Neo. pendula ‘Pink’, David Whipkey.
    Best in Sec. 6B, Single Foliage, Ae. ‘Bert’, David Whipkey.
    Best in Sec. 6C, Multiple Blooming, Araeococcus parviflorus, Rick Richtmyer.
    Best in Sec. 6D, Multiple Foliage, Neo. fireball – green form, Carole Richtmyer.
  • Best in Div. IX, Decorative Containers, Bil. ‘Casa Blanca’, Annette Dominguez.
    Best in Sec. A, “Simple”, Til. streptophylia, John Edmonson.
  • Best in Div. X, Art, Stained Glass/My Bromeliad Collection, Phil Speer.

Special Award Winners

  • John Anderson Best Aechmea Species: Ae. nudicaulis ‘Red’, David Whipkey
  • Valerie Steckler Horticultural Display Sweepstakes: Til. andreana, Carole Richtmyer
  • Lou Trahan Artistic Sweepstakes: Dickia brevifolia x ‘red devil’, Ruby Adams
  • Lindsey Stowe Cryptanthus Sweepstakes: Cry. ‘Pink Starlite’, Ruby Adams
  • Bob Whitman Best Cryptanthus species: Cryptanthus leopoldo-horstil, Rick Richtmyer
  • Warren Loose Best Cryptanthus Hybrid: Crypt. ‘Jennifer’, John Edmonson
  • Most Eye-Catching Neo: Neo. ‘Hot Embers’, Carole Richtmyer
  • Members’ Choice: Crypt. ‘Thriller’, John Edmonson
  • Best of Judges: Till. ‘Mora’, Aaron Davila
  • Best Novice Entry: Ae. correia-araujoi, Troy Merchant